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This set of Corporate Values is a lot less wordy but quite straight to the point on DHL Australia’s website


Values and Culture

Seven Corporate Values – challenge and guidance at the same time
Our corporate culture creates added value and leads us on the way to become stronger than our competitors. This is an obligation that we have to our shareholders. Our corporate culture unites the excellence of our individual subsidiaries and their unique company cultures to produce a shared strength.

An active, open corporate culture makes us an attractive employer for highly talented people and strengthens our position as a responsible global corporate citizen in this world. We are committed to the values defined in this corporate culture. They are both a challenge and a guidepost. They support the evolution of our business while we and they continue to develop.

I. To deliver excellent quality

II. To make our customers successful

III. To foster openness

IV. To act according to clear priorities

V. To act in an entrepreneurial way

VI. To act with integrity internally and externally

VII. To accept social responsibilities
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