This articulation of corporate values by the Titan Group is very easy to read, comprehensive and likely to be fully appreciated and understood internally and externally – if you can afford to have a copywriter on the team, you too could come up with statements as clear and concise as these.

The beauty of this set of corporate values is that any of us could use it but the problem is the same as the beauty – the personal aspect relating to your company needs to be added in. If I hadn’t pointed out whose Corporate Value Statement this was, you would have been none the wiser. So use it – but make sure it becomes personal and meaningful to your team and stakeholders.


Corporate Values

Our Values are at the core of who we are, they guide everything we do. Deeply rooted in our heritage, they have nourished us for over one century, stemming directly from the principles, beliefs and vision of our founders back in 1902. The company may have grown a lot since that time, but it still retains the core elements of its culture and its family spirit.


Continuous Improvement

  • Learning organization
  • Avoiding complacency
  • Seeking new ways of doing business
  • Taking calculated risks

Commitment to and deliver of results

  • Setting clear objectives
  • Setting high standards
  • Delivering on commitments to stakeholders

Value to the customer

  • Anticipating and satisfying customer needs
  • Providing high quality products and services
  • Providing innovative solutions to create competitive advantage


  • Investing in knowledge
  • Enlarging our reserve of knowledge
  • Taking initiatives to acquire knowledge

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Putting safety at work first
  • Caring for our employees
  • Respecting and supporting local communities
  • Being an active member of society
  • Being committed to sustainable development
  • Committed to sustainable development

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