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ASC is a highly technical submarine construction company and safety and teamwork are key values highlighted.


ASC Corporate Values

At ASC, we aspire to a set of values which are the guiding principles that define how we conduct our business and what we stand for as a company.

Safety is paramount: The safety of ASC employees, contractors and all who visit our facilities will never be compromised. Our commitment to quality ensures the safety of all who crew the submarines, ships and other products we work on. The tasks we undertake carry enormous responsibility and therefore safety is everyone’s business at ASC.

Performing through teaming and pragmatic excellence: To perform in our complex technical and business environment, we work with integrity and as a team to collaborate effectively with customers, partners and suppliers. We use our training, skills, empathy and experience in a pragmatic ‘can do’ manner to consistently achieve excellent outcomes within schedule and budget constraints.

Commitment to customer outcomes: We are an output-centric team, focused on the delivery of all of our commitments – cost, schedule, technical performance and quality – to our customers. We are also committed to maintaining outstanding working relationship with those we serve.

Relentless improvement and learning: To remain competitive we continually improve all aspects of the business, even those that are already achieving world’s best practice. Our commitment to improve our processes, skills and knowledge is relentless and innovation is prized. We are never too old or too good to learn and try new ideas.

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